4 Tips for optimising your business signage using pylon signage, light boxes and vehicle wraps.

If you have a physical store then you may already understand the value of promoting your business using pylon signage, light boxes and vehicle wraps. As manufacturers, designers and installers of high quality signage, we have seen too many signs that are poorly designed and not located in the best places for maximum exposure.

So if you want to increase the presence of your brand within the community, here are our 4 top tips for getting it right, every time.

  1. Go for bling! With pylon signage, you can’t be too subtle or your signage will disappear into the background. With every store having their own lightbox signage outside their premises, passers-by will just notice a sea of signs and nothing more. To make your pylon signage stand out among the masses, you need a high quality, classy sign that makes your brand stand out – and that demands good design by someone who has years of experience in the trade.
  2. Keep it simple: People passing by on foot or even in cars have only a second or two to read your sign and register its message, so it is vital that you keep it simple. After all, lightbox signage isn’t that big, so filling it with too much information simply defeats the purpose and makes your pylon signage disappear into the background, which is what you are trying to avoid.
  3. Design for impact: If you are located in a quiet area with hardly any competition, then you will need different lightbox signage compared to a store that is located inside a busy shopping mall. So consider the external environment when you design your pylon signage and even consider vehicle wraps to ramp up brand recognition if you are in a busy area.
  4. Sign placement: Always do your best to locate your lightbox signage where it will have maximum impact and won’t be hidden behind other signs or obscured by the sun at certain times of the day. Sometimes this can’t be helped, but since we are specialist installers of commercial signage, we can help you make the best decision possible, given the restrictions of your location.

If you want custom designed lightbox signage for your business, why not contact us for a free quote today?