5 Tips to create captivating outdoor event signs

There is so much shop signage in Brisbane that it’s difficult to stand out against the competition with your outdoor event signs. This is because successful event banners and signs need to quickly grab a customer’s interest enough to read it and to take action.

The worst sin is not to even have any signage outside and the second sin is to make your event banners and signs incomprehensible to passers-by and customers. So if you need help composing your shop signage in Brisbane, here are our top 5 tips:

1. Make sure your signs can be read from a distance

There’s no point in going to the effort of creating outdoor event signs if the writing is too small to be seen unless you are on top of it. So avoid all of the curly and fancy fonts that are difficult to read and increase the size of your fonts as well.

2. Why should people buy your products or services?

Just writing on your shop signage that you have 50% off your massages today or that you have flowers for sale isn’t necessarily a compelling reason for people to buy. You need to give them a valid reason to buy that appeals to each person individually. For example, you could write ‘Relax and chill out with a massage – 50% discount today’ or ‘Make your girlfriend smile with a bouquet of fresh flowers’.

3. Short and succinct messages are best

People don’t have the time to read long messages and will only pick up the first few words if they are in a hurry. So use as few words as possible to get your message across on your shop signage in Brisbane. If you are having problems with writing short messages, think about how you would text someone about your sale, discounts or products and use this format for your event banners and signs.

4. Test your outdoor event signs

It’s a good idea to walk away some distance and read your signs to see if passers-by and traffic will be able to read them easily. You can also ask your staff or even friends to drive around the block to determine if your shop signage is clear enough to be seen by traffic driving by at a fair clip.

5. Have fun writing your shop signage

Last of all, don’t forget to have fun writing your signs and if you can bring a little humour into your event banners and signs – all the better!

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