7 Tips for designing effective outdoor event signs

Outdoor event signs can range from simple one colour event banners and signs for a weekend sale to full colour shop signage in Brisbane. Whatever your signage needs and whether you want to go simple or more complex with your designs, there are 7 basic guidelines you need to follow to create effective outdoor event signs.

  1. Decide on the location: The location of your event banners and signs will go some way to determining the type of sign you need. For example, will it be located next to a busy highway to catch the attention of passing traffic or more than 50m from the road where it might be more difficult to see?
  2. Decide on its purpose: Do you want your outdoor event signs to promote a big 50% off sale this weekend or the launch of a new product? Maybe you just want to promote your store to passing traffic, because your shop can’t be seen from the road?
  3. It needs to be legible: If traffic and passers-by can’t read your sign, then it won’t be very cost-effective. So keep your message legible, ensuring that it can be quickly read by passing traffic.
  4. It needs to be attractive: The design and the size of your outdoor event signs needs to attract the attention of traffic and people walking past. It pays to consult a company that specialises in event banners and signs, because they can suggest designs and sizes that will work best for your situation.
  5. It needs to be simple: Cluttered signs can be too confusing for people to read quickly, so keep your sign simple and your message clear.
  6. Colour selection: You might want the colours of your shop signage in Brisbane to reflect your brand, but you might need to pull back slightly to increase the readability of your signage.
  7. Choose the right fonts: Select one font that is clear and bold, and can be easily read from a distance. A mix of different fonts is too confusing and can spoil a perfectly good sign!

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