Caring for your vehicle signage

How to look after your car signage:



All magnets should be removed and cleaned once a fortnight to avoid a build up of dirt underneath and alongside the magnet.

To clean, remove the magnet from the car. Wash the front, back and sides of the magnet as well as the car. Ensure the car is clean and dry before replacing the magnet. This will ensure the magnet lasts for years, and you car remains undamaged underneath.


Self-Adhesive Graphics 

Any self-adhesive vinyl graphics (cut-out stickers) should be hand washed with warm soapy water on a regular basis. Never use a high-pressure water blaster on these signs as it can cause damage and shorten the life of the signs. Take care when using professional car-washing services and always warn attendants of graphics so extra care is taken.

Always ensure vinyl graphics are made of quality cast media otherwise damage may occur to the car. All signs supplied by Signarama Brendale are of the highest quality; however everyday we hear about cheap, low-quality car signs that cost more to remove than they do to install. If you’re unsure about the quality of your signs, our professional production and installation team will be happy to check them out for you! We’re very experienced and will be able to advise you about where to go from here, and can safely remove signs without damaging your vehicle. Contact us today.


Rear One-Way Vision

Signs affixed to the rear window of your car require care to ensure the longevity of colour and adhesive. It is best to avoid the use of back windscreen wipers at all times as these can damage the sign. Likewise, never use high-pressure water blasters when washing the sign, and ensure carwash attendants are always made aware of the sign so extra care can be taken. Hand wash the sign and surrounding areas with warm soapy water to avoid a build up of water.

When purchasing one-way vision, always ensure materials are compliant with the Department of Transport legislation and registered in each state in Australia. Signarama Brendale only use registered materials, for which there is only one supplier in Queensland. Too many times we have seen companies use a cheaper price to offer unregistered materials which void your insurance and warrant your car unroadworthy.