Including old school outdoor event signs in your marketing strategy

Many businesses today focus on the new LED digital signs, shunning the more old school outdoor event signs. This is a shame, because event banners and signs still have a solid place in your marketing strategy and can help to increase your sales and profits.

If you are not convinced that pylon signage or other outdoor event signs still have value in your business, here are 3 marketing strategies where they can be very successfully used.

Increasing sales from passers-by using outdoor event signs

When you have people walking past your store or traffic driving past, this is a good opportunity to catch their eye by using outdoor event signs. You can use them to simply announce your presence in the area and to promote your brand or you can use them to give sales messages to shoppers. People stuck in traffic tend to read shop signs (because they can’t use their phones!), so this is an ideal opportunity to give them something interesting to read about your business.

Promoting a special discount or offer using event banners and signs

When you have a special discount offer that is time limited or you have a new product launch that you want to promote, event banners and signs are a great way to attract customers. This type of signage is visually attractive and draws people into your store, and at the very least let’s people know that you have a sale in progress, so they need to stop by and check it out. After all, not many people can ignore a sign that announces a sale, new product launch or discount offer!

Drawing attention to a specific product using corflute signs

If you want to encourage the sales of a particular product, corflute signs are a great strategy. Since one of our specialities is corflute sign printing and we have customers who regularly ask us for these signs, we know that they are very successful for increasing sales.

If you want pylon signage, corflute sign printing or outdoor event signs, why not contact us for a free quote today?