Making the most of school banners and signs

School banners and signs are a very effective way to promote events, celebrate achievements and to give messages to parents, students and the community. More and more schools and colleges are making use of digital school signs, so if you are considering using them at your educational facility, here are 5 tips for the best uses of your digital signs.

1. School directional signs

There are any number of ways to use school directional signs at your facility. These type of signs are ideal for giving directions to classrooms for students, identifying specific buildings and for directing traffic throughout the property. Colleges and universities use school directional signs all the time and now many schools are finding that they not only increase safety, but these signs are also very user-friendly.

2. Promoting school events

Instead of sending home thousands of pieces of paper with your students, which invariably get lost before they arrive home, you can simply inform parents of events using your digital school signs. Located right at the entrance to your school in a location that is easily seen from the road, you are free to advertise events, school enrolment dates, pupil free days and holidays with your digital signs.

3. Promoting achievements

Letting the community know of your school’s achievements, as well as the success of individual students helps to not only promote your school to the local community, but also to promote your brand and build a community spirit. Digital school signs give you the ability to change your messages very quickly, so that you can respond to local events and effectively integrate your school within the local community.

4. Earning additional revenue

One strategy that is being leveraged by many schools is to sell advertising space on their digital school banners and signs. This is particularly relevant during sporting events where local businesses can advertise their businesses to hundreds if not thousands of people at one time. You can also use your digital school signs for fundraising activities by promoting these events and increasing donations.

5. Save money on paper

You might be surprised at how much money your school can save by not using so much paper every year. There are many messages that you would normally send home with students and if you use your digital school signs instead, you will not only save money, but you will also help the environment.

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