Promoting your business with vehicle wraps

Vehicle wraps are one of the best strategies for advertising your business to pedestrians and other road users, particularly if you have a fleet of busy vehicles. This is because custom car wrapping gives you the ability to promote your business very quickly to an enormous amount of people with no weekly fees!

All you need to do is to locate a company that specialises in 3M vinyl wrap and give them your design. Then every time your employees drive around in a business car they are promoting your business at the same time. Professional car wrapping can lift the profile of your business in the local community and catch the eye of potential customers who might never have heard of your business otherwise.

Signarama offers three different types of signs and vehicle wraps for our customers: custom car wrapping, custom car decals, and magnetic signs.

Custom car wrapping: This is a full vehicle wrap that can even cover the windows (except the front window). If you have ever seen a full car wrap on the road, undoubtedly it caught your attention immediately and you spent time reading the signage and appreciating the design. These are very good reasons to invest in a full 3M vinyl wrap for your business’s vehicles.

Custom car decals: If a full 3M vinyl wrap is not your cup of tea, then custom decals can be less intrusive, whilst still doing a good job of advertising your business. Branded decals need to be kept simple with just your logo and a very short message, ensuring that other road users and pedestrians have enough time to read your branding message.

Magnetic signs: Whilst these are not really vehicle wraps, they are a very good option when you don’t want a permanent decal on your vehicle, but still want the option of promoting your business on the road. This allows business owners and managers to use a business vehicle for personal reasons without feeling ‘weird’ about having it covered in a decal, but you can also use them on different vehicles as well. Updates for magnetic signs are also easier and cheaper than for a car decal or a custom 3M vinyl wrap.

If you are interested in vehicle wraps or magnetic signs for your business vehicles, you can either obtain a free quote or call us on 07 3205 7720.