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The hidden benefits of LED indoor signage and outdoor event signs

LED illuminated sign letters, lobby signs, and indoor & outdoor event signs are becoming more and more popular in Brisbane, because they offer significant energy savings for businesses. Anything that reduces your annual energy bills is worth considering and LED signage definitely makes it worthwhile changing from fluorescent bulbs to LED.

Another hidden benefit of using LED illuminated sign letters, lobby signs, and indoor & outdoor event signs is that they save on your annual maintenance costs as well, because of their long life and their durability.

LED lighting has a long life span

Until LED bulbs came along, it seemed that every 5 minutes someone had to change a bulb in their lobby signs, pylon signs or in their outdoor event signs. The older type of bulbs always seemed to have a short life span with bulbs blowing all over the place and as we can all acknowledge, blown bulbs don’t look very good to customers and can cause confusion in the dark

This means that you need to replace these bulbs as quickly as possible and this is where the problem lies, because you have to pay someone to change the bulbs. Over time, this money can seriously add up, particularly if the signage is difficult to reach (think of pylon signs and other outdoor event signs), requiring lifting equipment to change the bulbs. On the other hand, if you use LED lighting for your illuminated sign letters, lobby signs, and indoor & outdoor event signs, then they can last for 10 years or more without needing to be changed.

LED lighting is durable

Fluorescent bulbs are not very hardy, being easily broken if mishandled or dropped, and often breaking in storms and heavy weather (which doesn’t make them brilliant for outdoor event signs). With no fragile glass or filaments to break, LED lighting is perfect for pylon signs, illuminated sign letters, lobby signs and many other types of signage, because they are not easily broken.

With a much lower rate of breakage than fluorescent bulbs, as well as a much greater life span, maintenance for LED lighting can be reduced from multiple times each year to once every ten years! That’s a huge saving on maintenance costs for something as simple as changing over to LED illuminated sign letters, lobby signs, and indoor & outdoor event signs.

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The best shop signage in Brisbane to increase sales

One of the best ways to promote your business is with traditional shop signage in Brisbane, which are the type of signs that we all come to expect when we go shopping. These include outdoor signage, informational or persuasive signage, signs for the disabled, and floor mats or carpets.

  1. Outdoor signage: This can be anything from simple chalk boards or easels on the pavement to large pylon signage next to a busy highway or lightbox signage above the entryway to your store. As this is a customer’s first impression of your store, your outdoor signage needs to be engaging and easy to read.
  2. Informational signage: These help customers navigate through your store and can simply be the name of different departments (such as shoes, dinnerware or ladies fashion), arrows pointing to emergency exits or signs indicating the nearest restrooms. You can use lightbox signage for these directional signs, it all depends on the size of your store and your branding.
  3. Persuasive signage: Another important type of shop signage in Brisbane are those that influence the shopper’s buying behaviour. These can be used to advertise particular products, launches or sales and are meant to draw shoppers to a product that they might not have noticed or had any interest in buying when they entered your store.
  4. Signs for the disabled: Signs that indicate disabled access will help many shoppers to successfully enter and exit your store, particularly those in a wheelchair and the elderly who have problems with steps. Braille tactile signs are very useful for indicating the location of fitting rooms and rest rooms and are a great help for the visually impaired.
  5. Floor mats: This one might be a bit left field, but mats are a very versatile product that can easily be used for shop signage in Brisbane. For example, you can use them to promote your brand throughout the store or to provide directions to shoppers.

The best way to select shop signage is to think like a shopper and make their shopping experience as easy as possible. This includes helping them to find your store with external pylon signage and then providing them with lightbox signage or other types of directional or promotional signage within your store.

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The good, the bad, and the ugly of vehicle wraps

Vehicle wraps are one of the most cost-effective strategies you can use to promote your business. Just as an exercise, let’s say that 50% of people on the road notice your promotional car wrapping. If your car drives past 50,000 people every week or even every month, including other drivers, passengers and pedestrians, that’s 25,000 people who have seen your advertisements on a weekly or monthly basis.

That’s a pretty good return on investment for a one shot promotional campaign! The problem is that not all vehicle wraps are created equal, so let’s take a look at the good, the bad and the ugly in the world of 3m vinyl wrap.

Good impressions with vehicle wraps: The best impressions and the best ROI is always achieved with professional car wrapping. A vehicle that is full wrapped is a beauty to behold, clearly promoting your brand to the public and showing everyone that you care and are willing to go the extra mile to let everyone know. Customers appreciate a company that looks professional and is willing to invest in their business, and a perfect, 3m vinyl wrap does that in spades.

Bad impressions with no vehicle wraps: A nondescript vehicle or van could belong to anyone, and does absolutely nothing to advertise your business or build a good reputation within the local community. If you use any type of vehicle in your business, even if it is the pool car used by sales people, it pays you to invest in professional, full body car wrapping to promote your business to everyone, all of the time. Even if the car is parked in the car park at work, it’s still going to promote your business.

The ugly side of vehicle wraps: It can’t even be considered a wrap, but the sight of magnetic signs attached to cars and vans isn’t something that instils confidence in people. If a business can’t even afford a good quality 3m vinyl wrap, how can they be any good at their business? You only get one chance to make a good first impression and with a magnetic sign – you just blew it.

If you’re ready to boost your business advertising with professional car wrapping, get a free quote today.

Making the most of school banners and signs

School banners and signs are a very effective way to promote events, celebrate achievements and to give messages to parents, students and the community. More and more schools and colleges are making use of digital school signs, so if you are considering using them at your educational facility, here are 5 tips for the best uses of your digital signs.

1. School directional signs

There are any number of ways to use school directional signs at your facility. These type of signs are ideal for giving directions to classrooms for students, identifying specific buildings and for directing traffic throughout the property. Colleges and universities use school directional signs all the time and now many schools are finding that they not only increase safety, but these signs are also very user-friendly.

2. Promoting school events

Instead of sending home thousands of pieces of paper with your students, which invariably get lost before they arrive home, you can simply inform parents of events using your digital school signs. Located right at the entrance to your school in a location that is easily seen from the road, you are free to advertise events, school enrolment dates, pupil free days and holidays with your digital signs.

3. Promoting achievements

Letting the community know of your school’s achievements, as well as the success of individual students helps to not only promote your school to the local community, but also to promote your brand and build a community spirit. Digital school signs give you the ability to change your messages very quickly, so that you can respond to local events and effectively integrate your school within the local community.

4. Earning additional revenue

One strategy that is being leveraged by many schools is to sell advertising space on their digital school banners and signs. This is particularly relevant during sporting events where local businesses can advertise their businesses to hundreds if not thousands of people at one time. You can also use your digital school signs for fundraising activities by promoting these events and increasing donations.

5. Save money on paper

You might be surprised at how much money your school can save by not using so much paper every year. There are many messages that you would normally send home with students and if you use your digital school signs instead, you will not only save money, but you will also help the environment.

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5 Tips to create captivating outdoor event signs

There is so much shop signage in Brisbane that it’s difficult to stand out against the competition with your outdoor event signs. This is because successful event banners and signs need to quickly grab a customer’s interest enough to read it and to take action.

The worst sin is not to even have any signage outside and the second sin is to make your event banners and signs incomprehensible to passers-by and customers. So if you need help composing your shop signage in Brisbane, here are our top 5 tips:

1. Make sure your signs can be read from a distance

There’s no point in going to the effort of creating outdoor event signs if the writing is too small to be seen unless you are on top of it. So avoid all of the curly and fancy fonts that are difficult to read and increase the size of your fonts as well.

2. Why should people buy your products or services?

Just writing on your shop signage that you have 50% off your massages today or that you have flowers for sale isn’t necessarily a compelling reason for people to buy. You need to give them a valid reason to buy that appeals to each person individually. For example, you could write ‘Relax and chill out with a massage – 50% discount today’ or ‘Make your girlfriend smile with a bouquet of fresh flowers’.

3. Short and succinct messages are best

People don’t have the time to read long messages and will only pick up the first few words if they are in a hurry. So use as few words as possible to get your message across on your shop signage in Brisbane. If you are having problems with writing short messages, think about how you would text someone about your sale, discounts or products and use this format for your event banners and signs.

4. Test your outdoor event signs

It’s a good idea to walk away some distance and read your signs to see if passers-by and traffic will be able to read them easily. You can also ask your staff or even friends to drive around the block to determine if your shop signage is clear enough to be seen by traffic driving by at a fair clip.

5. Have fun writing your shop signage

Last of all, don’t forget to have fun writing your signs and if you can bring a little humour into your event banners and signs – all the better!

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Promoting your business with vehicle wraps

Vehicle wraps are one of the best strategies for advertising your business to pedestrians and other road users, particularly if you have a fleet of busy vehicles. This is because custom car wrapping gives you the ability to promote your business very quickly to an enormous amount of people with no weekly fees!

All you need to do is to locate a company that specialises in 3M vinyl wrap and give them your design. Then every time your employees drive around in a business car they are promoting your business at the same time. Professional car wrapping can lift the profile of your business in the local community and catch the eye of potential customers who might never have heard of your business otherwise.

Signarama offers three different types of signs and vehicle wraps for our customers: custom car wrapping, custom car decals, and magnetic signs.

Custom car wrapping: This is a full vehicle wrap that can even cover the windows (except the front window). If you have ever seen a full car wrap on the road, undoubtedly it caught your attention immediately and you spent time reading the signage and appreciating the design. These are very good reasons to invest in a full 3M vinyl wrap for your business’s vehicles.

Custom car decals: If a full 3M vinyl wrap is not your cup of tea, then custom decals can be less intrusive, whilst still doing a good job of advertising your business. Branded decals need to be kept simple with just your logo and a very short message, ensuring that other road users and pedestrians have enough time to read your branding message.

Magnetic signs: Whilst these are not really vehicle wraps, they are a very good option when you don’t want a permanent decal on your vehicle, but still want the option of promoting your business on the road. This allows business owners and managers to use a business vehicle for personal reasons without feeling ‘weird’ about having it covered in a decal, but you can also use them on different vehicles as well. Updates for magnetic signs are also easier and cheaper than for a car decal or a custom 3M vinyl wrap.

If you are interested in vehicle wraps or magnetic signs for your business vehicles, you can either obtain a free quote or call us on 07 3205 7720.

7 Tips for designing effective outdoor event signs

Outdoor event signs can range from simple one colour event banners and signs for a weekend sale to full colour shop signage in Brisbane. Whatever your signage needs and whether you want to go simple or more complex with your designs, there are 7 basic guidelines you need to follow to create effective outdoor event signs.

  1. Decide on the location: The location of your event banners and signs will go some way to determining the type of sign you need. For example, will it be located next to a busy highway to catch the attention of passing traffic or more than 50m from the road where it might be more difficult to see?
  2. Decide on its purpose: Do you want your outdoor event signs to promote a big 50% off sale this weekend or the launch of a new product? Maybe you just want to promote your store to passing traffic, because your shop can’t be seen from the road?
  3. It needs to be legible: If traffic and passers-by can’t read your sign, then it won’t be very cost-effective. So keep your message legible, ensuring that it can be quickly read by passing traffic.
  4. It needs to be attractive: The design and the size of your outdoor event signs needs to attract the attention of traffic and people walking past. It pays to consult a company that specialises in event banners and signs, because they can suggest designs and sizes that will work best for your situation.
  5. It needs to be simple: Cluttered signs can be too confusing for people to read quickly, so keep your sign simple and your message clear.
  6. Colour selection: You might want the colours of your shop signage in Brisbane to reflect your brand, but you might need to pull back slightly to increase the readability of your signage.
  7. Choose the right fonts: Select one font that is clear and bold, and can be easily read from a distance. A mix of different fonts is too confusing and can spoil a perfectly good sign!

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Caring for your vehicle signage

How to look after your car signage:



All magnets should be removed and cleaned once a fortnight to avoid a build up of dirt underneath and alongside the magnet.

To clean, remove the magnet from the car. Wash the front, back and sides of the magnet as well as the car. Ensure the car is clean and dry before replacing the magnet. This will ensure the magnet lasts for years, and you car remains undamaged underneath.


Self-Adhesive Graphics 

Any self-adhesive vinyl graphics (cut-out stickers) should be hand washed with warm soapy water on a regular basis. Never use a high-pressure water blaster on these signs as it can cause damage and shorten the life of the signs. Take care when using professional car-washing services and always warn attendants of graphics so extra care is taken.

Always ensure vinyl graphics are made of quality cast media otherwise damage may occur to the car. All signs supplied by Signarama Brendale are of the highest quality; however everyday we hear about cheap, low-quality car signs that cost more to remove than they do to install. If you’re unsure about the quality of your signs, our professional production and installation team will be happy to check them out for you! We’re very experienced and will be able to advise you about where to go from here, and can safely remove signs without damaging your vehicle. Contact us today.


Rear One-Way Vision

Signs affixed to the rear window of your car require care to ensure the longevity of colour and adhesive. It is best to avoid the use of back windscreen wipers at all times as these can damage the sign. Likewise, never use high-pressure water blasters when washing the sign, and ensure carwash attendants are always made aware of the sign so extra care can be taken. Hand wash the sign and surrounding areas with warm soapy water to avoid a build up of water.

When purchasing one-way vision, always ensure materials are compliant with the Department of Transport legislation and registered in each state in Australia. Signarama Brendale only use registered materials, for which there is only one supplier in Queensland. Too many times we have seen companies use a cheaper price to offer unregistered materials which void your insurance and warrant your car unroadworthy.

4 Tips for optimising your business signage using pylon signage, light boxes and vehicle wraps.

If you have a physical store then you may already understand the value of promoting your business using pylon signage, light boxes and vehicle wraps. As manufacturers, designers and installers of high quality signage, we have seen too many signs that are poorly designed and not located in the best places for maximum exposure.

So if you want to increase the presence of your brand within the community, here are our 4 top tips for getting it right, every time.

  1. Go for bling! With pylon signage, you can’t be too subtle or your signage will disappear into the background. With every store having their own lightbox signage outside their premises, passers-by will just notice a sea of signs and nothing more. To make your pylon signage stand out among the masses, you need a high quality, classy sign that makes your brand stand out – and that demands good design by someone who has years of experience in the trade.
  2. Keep it simple: People passing by on foot or even in cars have only a second or two to read your sign and register its message, so it is vital that you keep it simple. After all, lightbox signage isn’t that big, so filling it with too much information simply defeats the purpose and makes your pylon signage disappear into the background, which is what you are trying to avoid.
  3. Design for impact: If you are located in a quiet area with hardly any competition, then you will need different lightbox signage compared to a store that is located inside a busy shopping mall. So consider the external environment when you design your pylon signage and even consider vehicle wraps to ramp up brand recognition if you are in a busy area.
  4. Sign placement: Always do your best to locate your lightbox signage where it will have maximum impact and won’t be hidden behind other signs or obscured by the sun at certain times of the day. Sometimes this can’t be helped, but since we are specialist installers of commercial signage, we can help you make the best decision possible, given the restrictions of your location.

If you want custom designed lightbox signage for your business, why not contact us for a free quote today?

Including old school outdoor event signs in your marketing strategy

Many businesses today focus on the new LED digital signs, shunning the more old school outdoor event signs. This is a shame, because event banners and signs still have a solid place in your marketing strategy and can help to increase your sales and profits.

If you are not convinced that pylon signage or other outdoor event signs still have value in your business, here are 3 marketing strategies where they can be very successfully used.

Increasing sales from passers-by using outdoor event signs

When you have people walking past your store or traffic driving past, this is a good opportunity to catch their eye by using outdoor event signs. You can use them to simply announce your presence in the area and to promote your brand or you can use them to give sales messages to shoppers. People stuck in traffic tend to read shop signs (because they can’t use their phones!), so this is an ideal opportunity to give them something interesting to read about your business.

Promoting a special discount or offer using event banners and signs

When you have a special discount offer that is time limited or you have a new product launch that you want to promote, event banners and signs are a great way to attract customers. This type of signage is visually attractive and draws people into your store, and at the very least let’s people know that you have a sale in progress, so they need to stop by and check it out. After all, not many people can ignore a sign that announces a sale, new product launch or discount offer!

Drawing attention to a specific product using corflute signs

If you want to encourage the sales of a particular product, corflute signs are a great strategy. Since one of our specialities is corflute sign printing and we have customers who regularly ask us for these signs, we know that they are very successful for increasing sales.

If you want pylon signage, corflute sign printing or outdoor event signs, why not contact us for a free quote today?

Introducing our Flora flatbed UV printer!

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3D Illuminated Halo letters

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3D fabricated, halo illuminated letters recently completed by Signarama Brendale for Australian Christian College.
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Large Scale Banners

One of the many services provided at Signarama Brendale is wide format banner printing.

Typically used along construction hoarding and outside commercial projects, large scale banners are a very simple and cost effective way to utilise temporary fencing and site hoarding.

When it comes to making the most of your available area our dedicated team has the experience to be able to advise the best solution for whatever your requirements..

We also offer installation as part of our wide range of services so contact us today and we will help you take your next project from concept right through to completion.

Website launched

We have a new website with a fresh, modern look. We’ll have more information to add to the website over time.