An illuminated sign box is an enclosed frame equipped with internal lighting. The frame holds the sign face on either one or two sides. Illuminated sign boxes are usually constructed of aluminium sheets that are bent, braced and welded, or constructed of aluminium extrusions. 

Light boxes are a very common way of doing outdoor signage. Sizes can range from as small as 300mm wide or high, this is to suit standard light tubing or go as large as your imagination and budget needs to go. Panels can be made from acrylic, polycarbonate or flex-face materials. This allows graphics from simple one colour to full colour to be illuminated. 

Illuminated fabricated 3-dimensional letters can also add a classy touch to your image.  If you have a business that relies on night traffic (restaurants, for example), consider a halo effect that can spill around your illuminated sign, giving it a modern and premium look and feel.

Backlit or slimline light boxes are getting as thin as 10mm. Slimline light boxes are great for internal and external uses when graphics are regularly changed and they have a great up-market look and feel.